At Wetzel Pefomance we design and build parts in house. Each part, whether a turbo manifold or an aluminum catch can, is carefully built to fit your application offering you the best quality finished product available. We are working hard everyday to add more applications to our product lineup and are always improving our existing products. We offer products from other manufactures as well.

Wetzel designs and builds turbo manifolds, N/A headers, breather catch cans, coolant tanks, valve cover venting, air/water boxes, charge piping and more. We also do simple fabrication such as weld-on mufflers, repair hangers, install new piping, and general repair work. If it can be welded, we can take care of it. We also offer Bead Rolling, Tig & Mig Welding, R&D, Custom Projects, Repairs & More! Other services include, fabricate and install performance exhaust systems. Services range from welding on exhaust tips to custom bent dual exhausts.

Along with our manifold fabrication, we offer downpipe and dumptube fabrication ensuring a perfect fit every time. We offer stainless steel & mild steel tubing and specialize in "one off" Products. If it involves metal & fabrication call us or feel free to drop by!