ARP Head Stud Kit for Cummins 12V '94-'98

  • Brand: ARP
  • SKU #: 247-4203
  • Part: Fasteners
  • Availability: In Stock
ARP uses a premium grade 8740 alloy that is rated superior to aircraft quality. Then each stud is specially heat treated in a vertical fixture that insures complete heat penetration. After heat treating the studs are centerless ground for precise concentricity, and then the threads are rolled which gives them ten times better fatigue strength than competitor's studs. It costs more to do it this way and it is very hard on the tooling but the results are well worth the extra expense. ARP stud kits are available for almost every domestic and import application and you just won't find a better product on the market from any other source. Includes 12-point nuts.