PPE Water Level Sensor Wrench Duramax 6.6L

  • Brand: PPE
  • SKU #: 5130800
  • Part: tools
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PPE’s Water Level Sensor Wrench does two important jobs and is the perfect fit for both! The big end is used to remove the Water In Fuel (WIF) filter sensor with ease while the small end of the wrench was made to fit the billet PPE Air Bleeder Screw. With time and exposure, plastic WIFs becomes brittle, and though it is hard to see, they also have a slight taper to them. PPE’s Water Level Sensor Wrench matches that taper perfectly allowing the sensor to be safely removed when it is time to replace the filter. It is a two in one tool, and since it is made from polished Stainless Steel it will look great in your tool box too!