PPE Xcelerator Programmer For Chevy/GMC Duramax 6.6L +120hp

  • Brand: PPE
  • SKU #: 111010000
  • Part: programmers
  • Availability: In Stock
Get the most out of your diesel with the PPE Economy Xcelerator Tuner. It was designed for those performance minded diesel owners who are looking for a mild horsepower and torque increase. This unit offers 3 horsepower settings (40, 90 and 120). Torque values are raised up to 200 lb. ft. over stock. The Economy Xcelerator also has the same features as our other Xcelerator units in that it provides the user with the ability to adjust items such as speedometer corrections, transmission reset and quick learn function, DTC code clearing, and online software updates. This unit is perfect for those individuals with stock engines who are looking to get that little something extra out of their Duramax when they need it most.